Who Am I?

Hi friend,

Who is this guy you see with the nerdy glasses and bald head? My name is Chris Litmon. I'm not a special person, at least I wouldn't say so. Nor am I what you would call a genius.

I'm just an average "dude" who once in his life struggled with public speaking. When I say "struggle" I mean I would be shaking in my boots, ready to run off the stage.

Took me a while to develop good public speaking skills so that my colleagues and others took me seriously.

And it wasn't just the thought of standing in front of a crowd that got to me. Oh no, I had even bigger problems. Before I ever got to the point of actually giving my presentation, I had to figure out what to say.

Boy was that a mind-boggling task. Do you worry about what you're gonna say? Do you fear you're going to forget what you wanted to say? Do you feel that nervousness taking over you before you speak in front of an audience?

Been there, done that. I fixed my problems and I know I can help you too. So I built this site to do just that . . . help you my friend become the best public speaker you can be.

BEWARE! You might get a promotion at work. Some of your co-workers might get jealous. But one things's for sure . . . you're going to change your whole life. Take a look around and feel free to personally email me right to my personal email at becomethecrowdpleaser@gmail.com.

Wishing you the best success,

Chris Litmon